A decentralised smart contract where everyone can win with profits, equity and income.

AI trading profits, Income, Equity.

Everybody wins.



Daisy is a TRON based smart contract but not a company.

Upon signing up with Daisy each member agrees to the Terms.

Since the first stage of Daisy is a crowdfunding of Daisy AI development, Daisy is not considered as investment project.

Business Presentation and 


How to join Daisy

What is Daisy?

  • An Equity Crowd Funding model for financial technologies
  • A decentralised smart contract not a company
  • A model where everyone can win, with profits, equity and income
  • Currently crowd funding Endotech for the Daisy AI project
  • Contributors receive exclusive stock equity and profit rewards.
  • Total transparency of trades in your back office which can be viewed on computer, laptop or smart phone.

Our first fintech partner


  • A financial technology company founded by Dr Anna Becker
  • Twenty years of successful Fintech and AI trading systems
  • Has done billions in AI trading for top financial institutions
  • the first technology partner for Daisy Crowd Fund
  • Global company headquartered in Israel
  • Roadmap to be publicly traded fourth quarter of 2022

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